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Have you figured out Rachel’s dance yet?

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When she was looking at my Cosima case! 

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"Tatiana is always the least important person in the room – in her eyes. She is the mother hen. She is forever telling others to please go before her at the lunch table, always checking in and asking if everyone has all that they need, always asking how you are feeling and how your mother is, always noticing when someone is down and picking them back up, always making you laugh with a funny face right when you need it, always honest with advice and encouragement, and always the hardest working and likely the most tired person in the room but never showing it. She is a true lead. She leads the cast and crew by example in hard work, dedication, professionalism, manners, encouragement, love, and absolute childlike fun and silliness." - Kathryn Alexandre on Tatiana Maslany (x)
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Lily attempting to explain a thing

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Anonymous: I'm so relieved someone else still thinks about LilyKat. But in your opinion do you honestly think there was more than just friendship between them? Because I know I do. I've watched almost all of their interviews, and in my opinion they have a certain energy to them when they are together than=t signals more than ''just friends.'' Either way I love them.

i feel weird ~speculating about them that way because they’re real people, not just naoms and ems, you know? like you said we can only draw conclusions from watching interviews, videos, etc, we don’t know them in real life. but i do think there was a very strong connection between them. skins was their first serious acting job when they were only teenagers, after all, and they had to do incredibly intimate scenes together, not only physically but emotionally as well - and you can’t pretend to be in love with someone THAT WELL without falling a little in love with them too. they worked with each other more than with anyone else and formed kind of an unique bond because of that, they were visibly super comfortable around each other and even LIVED TOGETHER for a year and wore STUPID MATCHING SKULL RINGS, so yeah i believe they were mega close and to be honest i wouldn’t rule out the possibility of them ~crushing on each other during like s3, but for now i’m okay with them being best friends!

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*thinks about lilykat*


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