R.I.P To the Diner dude that protected sarah against those two baddies. Protected a strange girl harassed by two assholes. Four for you diner guy, Four for you.

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Imagine all the Jello Helena’s gonna get in that hospital.

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this video is so so so important to me

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Cook: You’re, you know… clever. Naomi: You’re a lot nicer than most people think, aren’t you, Cook?

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cerceislannister: idk why i asked that i'm not trying to ask you out ok? ok

then we can all rest easy knowing that you’re prepared in case you ever change your mind

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cerceislannister: 12. Ideas of a perfect date

12. Ideas of a perfect date

  1. watching tv
  2. eating pizza
  3. fucking
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it’s been scientifically proven that in pictures i either end up looking like an emo kid lost in the 2010s or a thug there’s no in-between
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9. my name on your forehead
i was going to give a clever answer but you know what fuck you
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9. Tattoos I want

i’m feeling kind of embarrassed because lbr most of them are kinda stupid, it’s just symbols and quotes/song lyrics that resonate with me. there’s more but now off the top of my head i could only think of these

  1. slytherin coat of arms
  2. 'all i care about is being number one'
  3. 'take a breath'
  4. a little tardis
  5. 'draco dormiens nunquam titillandus'
  6. the four element symbols from avatar: the last airbender
  7. something naomily related maybe?
  8. dark mark on my forearm obviously
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favorite celebrity meme: jack o’connell ■ [3/4 photoshoots]

Jack O’Connell at the Toronto International Film Festival

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