Companion: I am so rubbish. 

RTD-written Doctor: No, you’re not! You’re brilliant! Remember that wonderful thing you did! Remember that special skill you have that nobody else has? Don’t put yourself down! Where would I be without you, eh?


Moffat-written Doctor: You are bossy, also a control freak, a narcissist, a game player, needy, and also your skirt is just a little too tight.

Companion: Excuse me???

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Anonymous: hi, can i ask where you download skins for making gifs or do you have the series on dvd?

just search for ‘skins 720p’ on the pirate bay or any other torrent site. :)

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Sarah meeting her clones for the first time

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"Eating three lunches is MAYbe two too many lunches, but maybe not?"

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Modern teenage Kainora leaning against the air because I’m so legit get on my level

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Jinora’s feeling down after remembering her hair’s gone and Kai decides to show her some support ♡

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If you think Alison is the Clone Club “group mom”, I have some news for you, it’s totally Sarah.

"Please don’t tell Sarah" - an actual thing Alison Hendrix said.

"you look like you could use some sun, cosima"

"stay in the car, don’t cause any trouble"


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No, it’s not over yet.

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